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For most people, their house is their biggest asset. It's also their biggest expense. 

Emotionally, it's hard to let go of a home filled with memories. Moving is a hassle, and downsizing to a smaller home isn't always the cash bonanza some might expect. As a result, many wait well into retirement before moving to a smaller house or apartment.

But for many retirees, it can pay to downsize sooner rather than later. The financial benefits may not seem huge at first, but over time they can make a meaningful difference in extending your quality of life. As retirees age, there are lifestyle issues to consider, such as being in a community with older adults, feeling secure, mobility issues and close proximity to amenities and services.


Here are 9 reasons to downsize your home


We love working with seniors/retirees and their families, through all aspects of the downsizing process. Our unique style of work is customizable to serve your specific needs which allows us to offer a very personalized service. Some of our services include selling your current home, finding you the perfect home, helping you downsize, and more. We are a team of trusted professionals who work hard to make your transition seamless.

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