Commercial Study


The City is undertaking a zoning study that will determine appropriate locations for local commercial zoning within residential neighbourhoods. Existing shops and stores, such as convenience stores, barber shops, small laundromat, florist, and café’s are often located in residential areas where present zoning may not permit these businesses beyond what currently exists. The study proposes to rezone these sites, where appropriate, to permit these businesses to continue to contribute to their community. The study will also consider possible new locations for, scale of, and provisions for, neighbourhood focused commercials uses that might fall between a home-based business and full-fledged retail store.



– Introduce zoning within residential neighbourhoods to permit small-scale commercial

– Provide opportunities for establishing neighbourhood services/ conveniences

– Identify non-conforming stores and assign zoning that maintains the ability to operate local-serving businesses

– Identify streets that act as pedestrian/cyclist connections to larger Mainstreets to open up new opportunities


Study Recommendations

– Encourage local commercial business opportunities that fit within the character of a residential neighbourhood

– Permit small-scale commercial uses

– Commercial uses on the ground floor

– Limit the size of commercial unit (100 m2 – 1,076 sq.ft.)

– No parking required/permitted

– Allow small outdoor patios


Candidate Locations

Criteria – What properties may be rezoned?

– Recognize long-standing commercial properties

– Streets and areas highly travelled by pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit

– Transitional areas between neighbourhoods and commercial hubs

– Wards 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 and 18. May be implemented in other wards as applicable


Learn more at the study website

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